• Residential Gate in Hawaii

    Residential Gate in Hawaii

    Reference Number : D100

    Aluminum sliding gate cantilevering over a slope going down to the river! This aluminum gate spans an opening of 24ft,…


  • Food Processing Plant

    Food Processing Plant

    Reference Number : D101

    Our customer, Nutrient Foods, had a creative way to use our DuraGates sliding gate hardware. The use of the smaller…


  • Private Residence

    Private Residence

    Reference Number : D102

    This vinyl privacy fence slides neatly out of the way to accommodate the tight yard space. Notice how smoothly the…


  • Private Residence

    Private Residence

    Reference Number : D103

    The owner of this private residence was looking for a creative way to have a small sliding gate on his…


  • Wine region in California

    Wine region in California

    Reference Number : D104

    Check out this really funky installation. DuraGates hardware worked in this most challenging of ground conditions for this gate. The…


  • Private Residence in Saint Louis, MO

    Private Residence in Saint Louis, MO

    Reference Number : D105

    This very simple vinyl gate has been mounted on an aluminum frame for support. Our smallest model, the CGS-250.8M was…


  • Golisano Children’s Hospital

    Golisano Children’s Hospital

    Reference Number : D106

    This project represents an unusual and creative application for DuraGates sliding gate hardware. It is a moving wall to separate…


  • Anaheim Convention Center

    Anaheim Convention Center

    Reference Number : D107

    This set of 5 gates for the Anaheim convention center varies in width from 20ft to 26ft from weights ranging…


  • Government Facility in New Mexico

    Government Facility in New Mexico

    Reference Number : D108

    This large gate needed our largest model CGS-350.8G. A very simple gate design, the application called for high security and…