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Architects Corner

Wooden Pedestrian Gate in California

The CGS-KIT150, a cantilever sliding gate kit, is an economical solution for lightweight gates up to 13ft in length. The enclosed roller system complies with safety standards (ASTM F2200 & UL325) making this hardware kit the perfect choice for small openings.

Kevin, a resident of California was impressed with the hardware. He used the KIT150 to install his 45" wide by 100 lb. gate. He secured his gate with a Locinox sliding gate lock.

Homeowner Kevin said, "Swinging side yard gates are problematic because either my kids or the wind keep slamming the gate shut and damaging the structure so I built a sliding gate instead. This is a side yard fence design that has a cantilever rolling gate. It looks amazing and solves problems with broken fence posts, holding the gate open when carrying things through, rolling bicycles, etc."

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