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DuraGates CGA-350.5P, Large Carriage, Monobloc Body, Nylon Wheels

Opening & Weight Range :

20 ft. up to 700 lbs. 30 ft. up to 400 lbs.

This rolling gate model is recommended for commercial or residential applications. The heavy duty track extrusion is perfectly weldable for aluminum gates.



DuraGates CGA-350.5P, Large Carriage, Monobloc Body, Nylon Wheels

Carriage with 5 nylon wheels and sealed bearings. Large pivot allows for increased weight capacity, smooth sliding and stability. Larger wheel dimensions increase the weight capability and reduce wear and tear between wheels and tracks.


Medium Aluminum Track

The tracks are high quality aluminum extrusion and structurally sound which gives them flexibility and permits carrying high loads without distortion. You can build the gate right on the track.


Bottom End Cup

This cup receives the track in either the closed or open position. The beveled leading edge allows for a smooth entry and stop. The cup holds the gate steady, reducing vibrations from wind conditions, etc., and prolongs the life of the carriages and gate operators.


Foundation Plate

The foundation plate provides a solid base for leveling the carriage on the pad. It prevents the leveling screws from digging into the pad and causing long term alignment issues. By keeping the carriage bottom from being in direct contact with the concrete pad, it slows down corrosion effects.


J-Bolt, Galvanized

Galvanized J-Bolts are set into the concrete pad as it is poured. Once it has cured, the carriages are then secured to the pad using these bolts. J-Bolts are the preferred method of anchoring the carriages to the concrete pad. Wedge anchors with two-part epoxy will work but need to be sized to each load according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


End Wheel for Track

The End Wheel bolts into each end of the track and complies with UL325 safety code for automated gates. It gives a finished look and prevents dirt, snow, etc. from getting inside the track and interfering with the operation of the carriages. The wheel allows the gate to roll into the bottom
end cup without scraping the paint or galvanized coating.

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