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Architects Corner

Steel Gate at a Residence in Washington State

Read what the fabricator had to say:

"My company, David Getts Designer Builder, Inc., is a general contracting firm in the Seattle area. We do a wide variety of custom work for the remodeling sector. We are always looking for the best materials and processes to complete our high-end projects. A recent project we were involved with included the installation of a custom steel driveway gate. Never having installed a remote operated gate before, I really didn't know what was available on the market. After doing a bit of research, I decided on the DuraGates brand, an Italian hardware system supplied by Architectural Iron Designs, Inc. The simple cantilevered design that did not require a ground-mounted track seemed too good to be true. Architectural Iron Designs was extremely helpful throughout the sales process, which eliminated much of the fear associated with using an unfamiliar product. I only had to provide them with the opening span and weight of the gate, and the sales staff did the rest. They created specifications and a detailed drawing showing exact size requirements of the concrete pad, and precise hardware placement.
I've been in the construction industry since 1979. The most important thing I've learned in the quest for success is found in the relationships you develop with employees, subcontractors and suppliers. And Architectural Iron Designs, Inc. is a supplier you can certainly count on. Unloading that 1200lb , 29' long steel gate with the forklift on installation day was going to be a nerve-racking experience no matter what. The thought of a gate that size being balanced on two carriages barely six feet apart had all the guys wondering how well it would work. The rollers not only handled the weight shift effortlessly well, but also kept the gate level in the fully extended position. I would highly recommend the DuraGates system to any peer and certainly plan on using it again for future driveway projects."

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