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When it comes to choosing a residential gate for the home, there is simply no limit. There are many gate choices available, and you must choose a gate that will fit your specific needs and function as per your application. When you start your search for what is available in the market, you may be overwhelmed with what is available. First, consider if a swing or slide gate will work best on your property and what architectural style you are looking to achieve. Second, look at your budget. Gates can be expensive depending upon the style and whether gate automation is required. Third, choose a gate that will secure your property and make you feel safe.

Security and privacy have become a prevalent thing in the minds of most people in today's society. Residential and commercial consumers have invested in the purchasing of privacy and security gates to protect their homes and their properties.

Residential gates can be made out of steel or aluminum but most homeowners prefer wrought iron gate designs to protect their home, their children and their pets. By using DuraGates sliding gate hardware, any type of gate material can be used since galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel track is available. Gate automation works well with sliding gates as the gate would glide open on a rack instead of a chain. Should you prefer a manual gate, slide gate locks provide added security.

When it comes to commercial gates, owners require a gate that will offer security for their businesses. DuraGates offers heavy duty sliding gate hardware to ensure a strong and sturdy gate can be built to protect the office property and staff. Gate automation systems are available as well at locks4gates.com.


Whether a commercial or residential gate is needed, you always have the advantage to protect your property. At DuraGates we provide high-quality cantilever slide gate hardware that will allow you to build a gate to secure your property and keep your valuables safe.

For additional gate security items such as gate closers, gate hinges, locks and latches, gate stops, gate access control and more visit our gate hardware site: locks4gates.com

The best way to choose the proper gate for any property is to analyze your financial budget, determine the area’s safety level, measure the size of the property, check on the planning permissions, and think about who and what you are trying to protect and these things will help you to determine what type of gate is best for whatever property you have.