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Architects Corner

Don’t limit your gate design to a straight top.

Until recently, there have been limited options available for sliding gates to have a more ornamental look to them. Whether that look included an arched top on an estate gate, or barbed wire added to an industrial gate for security, sliding gates were plain looking.

With DuraGates cantilever sliding gate hardware, having an arched or decorative gate top is possible.

The first option includes 1 roller (CG-252) and monorail track (CG-254). The monorail track is simply fastened horizontally along the full length of the back side of the gate to provide support, while the roller is fastened to a pillar by the gate.

This image shows how the monorail and roller were incorporated into this estate gate design allowing for the finials at the top of the gate.

The second option uses a 10” nylon roller (253).
With this option two or more rollers are used to support the gate on each side as it rolls open and closed. This particular gate uses four rollers on each side as the gate is quite tall.

By incorporating our monorail, support roller, or 10” nylon roller, your design is not limited to a straight top.

As you see in this commercial gate, there is barbed wire at the top, however neither the roller/monorail or nylon roller were used for this sliding gate. Our upper adjustable guide plate
255-220 was used on the straight top portion of the gate as the barbed wire was fastened to bars that protrude slightly from the top of the gate.

Don’t limit your gate design based on what you think you may or may not do. With DuraGates hardware, all designs are possible. Visit our Project Gallery to get some ideas for your next gate.