• CGS - 250.8M
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 900 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 13 ft

    This mini version, can still handle a 1000lb gate and is a perfect option for not only residential properties, but also for many light duty commercial sliding gate applications. Also used where ever a sliding barrier or privacy is desired such as decks, trash enclosures, loading docks, ramps, etc. A versatile and economical system.

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  • CGS - 250.8P
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 1300 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 19 ft

    This model can accommodate light to medium weight gates and is commonly used for a wide variety of commercial and residential installations.

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  • CGS - 350.8P
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 1700 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 26.4 ft

    Recommended for medium size commercial rolling gates or large decorative wrought iron estate gates.

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  • CGS - 350.8G
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 4050 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 59.4 ft

    This cantilever gate hardware model is recommended for large and heavy industrial or commercial sliding gates, especially in high traffic applications.

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  • CGA - 350.5M
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 550 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 16 ft

    Our light duty aluminum hardware is used for residential and commercial sliding gates, especially where the application calls for an aluminum gate.

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  • CGA - 350.5P
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 708 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 26.4 ft

    This rolling gate model is recommended for commercial or residential applications. The heavy duty track extrusion is perfectly weldable for aluminum gates.

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  • CGI - 350.5P
    OPENING WEIGHT : Up to 880 lbs
    GATE OPENING : Up to 14.5 ft

    This stainless steel cantilevered gate system is corrosion resistant and suitable for commecial and residential applications.

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