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2 CGS-150.5M Galvanized Steel Carriages; 1 CGS-245M-19.68FT Galvanized Steel Track; 1 CGS-347M End wheel for track; 1 CGS-346M Bottom end cup for track; 1 255-220 Top Guide with roller covers;
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Heavy duty 5 wheel carriages with sealed bearings. Large pivot allows for increased weight capacity, smooth sliding and stability. Larger wheel dimensions increase the weight capacity and reduce wear and tear between wheels and tracks.
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The tracks are galvanized and structurally sound which gives them flexibility and permits carrying high loads without distortion. You can build the gate right on the track. The track is made from low carbon steel which allows for excellent weldability.
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Up the Beauty of Your Property with a Sliding Wood Gate

Sliding gates offer plenty of advantages. When you find the right slide gate for your driveway, one that matches the architectural aspect of your building, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic feeling. A wooden slide gate, if you choose, can easily add class and elegance to your home and in turn, raise the value of…
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