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Don’t limit your gate design to a straight top.

Until recently, there have been limited options available for sliding gates to have a more ornamental look to them. Whether that look included an arched top on an estate gate, or barbed wire added to an industrial gate for security, sliding gates were plain looking. With DuraGates cantilever sliding gate hardware, having an arched or…
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Industrial gates not just for driveways…

When most people think of gates, they picture a pretty gate at the entrance to their property, an industrial gate at a construction site or a gate to an office or apartment complex. Whether a swing or slide gate, it is an ornamental /commercial fixture that gets noticed when people drive by or need access…
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When Planning your Next Gate Project?

When planning your next gate project, how do you decide if a swing or cantilever sliding gate should be used? Below, some of the pros and cons of each will be discussed. Swing gates are typically less expensive to install, as they do not require a concrete slab for hardware placement. Also, these gates provide…
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CGA – 350.5P

Carriage with 5 nylon wheels and sealed bearings. Large pivot allows for increased weight capacity, smooth sliding and stability. Larger wheel dimensions increase the weight capability and reduce wear and tear between wheels and tracks.
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